現在攝影 現在攝影,於2012年成立,先在網上平台發展,2013年開始陸續舉辦大大小小的展覽及廣告製作,主題多圍繞香港本土特色,所謂「現在攝影」,就是希望反映及保留當下的精神面貌,讓未來的人能夠從中得到啟發。現在攝影2016年進駐PMQ,提供公開展示平台,致力推動不同類型的文化事業。

Photo Now Photo Now was founded in 2012 as an online platform.From 2013, Photo Now started to organize exhibitions and provide advertising production services, mainly around the topics of local Hong Kong culture. Photo Now, by name, was about reflect and preserve the “Now” moments which hopefully can inspire people in the future. In 2016, Photo Now started its’ physical art space in PMQ with an open exhibition area, with a purpose to promote different types of cultural activities.

 Founder: Lai Yat Nam, Nick Poon, KC Kwan & Timothy Cheng                                                                Partner/Director: Timothy Cheng , Partner/Director/Photographer : Lai Yat Nam