Photo Now
There is no need to set a style as photography is our way of composing and remembering what we see, love and sharing our impression with each other. To be capable of holding onto light and shadows, capturing time is what defines [Photo Now].

Don’t be constrained by your camera. Forget about your viewfinder, discover the city and chase after the lights and shadows that are fading away and capture that moment of impulse. A photographer, a pair of eyes, one shutter, one finger and plus many times of fast decisive moments which can’t be explained, pressing the shutter is when time freezes.

[Photo Now] is established between five photographers from Hong Kong and Taiwan, hoping to advance and exchange experiences between photographers of the two nations. Gathering modern photographers and sharing photos within a network platform to create a photography exhibition in order to promote the [Photo Now] culture.

菲林/數碼?浪攝印象?紀實速攝?還是前衛抽象?  沒必要定義風格,攝影就我們的寫作方式,記下所看、所愛、跟別人分享那些印象。能留住光影、雕刻時光的就是「現在攝影」。